Freeforms 3D Printer

2 Distinctive AM technologies are applied to SFS Printer Line up:

Binder Jetting technology to P/T Series printers and
Selective Laser Melting technology to M Series printers.

Binder Jet 3D Printer

Freeforms P/T Series

A Binder Jet printer works in a similar operating principle of a 2D Ink jet printer. Binder Jet method builds an object by feeding a thin layer of powder (a sheet of paper in 2D version) on the build platform, joins the powder by spraying binder liquid (liquid ink in 2D) onto the layer of powder, then the process is repeated on a fresh layer of new powder (a new sheet of paper) coated on top of the previous one.

Freeforms P Series are equipped with Piezo Electric print heads, capable of printing large objects over 1 meter in each dimension, and especially effective in producing sand casting molds/ cores, injection molds/cores, and other essential parts in core manufacturing segments.

T Series are equipped with Thermal Bubble Jet print heads, capable of printing full-color objects and widely used in producing quick prototypes and figures.

See Freeforms P/T Series

Metal 3D Printer

Freeforms M Series

A metal 3D printer builds an object by repeating the process of feeding a thin layer of metal powder and applying a high-power heat energy to melt and set pre-designed pattern on the layer.

Freeforms M Series printers can be outfitted with an in-situ optical measuring and monitoring system developed via joint research between SFS and Fraunhofer Institute of Germany, ensuring the accuracy and in-time delivery of printed parts that are critical in surgical/dental implants and aerospace parts industries.

See Freeforms M Series