Binder Jet 3D Printer

Casting and 3D Printing

Casting is one of the fundamental manufacturing technologies and has played a pivotal role in building Korea’s key industries such as shipbuilding, offshore plant engineering and power generation. However, the foundry industry has been in decline of late and continues to relocate to developing countries due to inherent inefficiency and high costs of time-consuming manual production and storage of wooden patterns.

Capable of producing sand molds without the lengthy process of manually carving out wooden patterns and cores, Binder Jet printers help foundries to reduce production cycle and cost; thus improve productivity. Binder jet is being recognized as the engineering Game Changer that can revitalize Korea’s foundry industry and furthermore, help improve the competitiveness of major user businesses of foundries including shipbuilders and power plants.

SFS is Korea’s first manufacturer of Binder Jet printers for industrial casting applications, and has 2 models of piezo electric jets, Freeforms P1000 and P2000, and 2 models of thermal buddle jets, Freeforms T200 and T400.

Freeforms P Series

Freeforms P1000, 2000

SFS’ P Series binder jets are capable of printing large structures of 1-2 meters in dimensions, combining inorganic binder liquid and various casting sand powders to produce casting molds, cores, injection and other molds for shipbuilding, automotive and power equipment parts.

Our P Series binder jets use common foundry sand powders instead of expensive AM-customized powders; therefore, help the foundries to benefit from all the technological advantages of AM without additional material costs. The inorganic binder custom-made for the P Series is non-toxic and harmless to both humans and the environment, helping improve the health and working conditions of the foundry workers.

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Freeforms T Series

Freeforms T200, 400

Our T Series binder jets can print with variety of powder materials including gypsum powder, ceramic powders, specialty casting sands to produce industrial parts such as precision casting cores and dental models; consumer products such as figurines and art crafts.

T400 was first introduced at the “formnext 2018” in Frankfurt, Germany as the world’s first inorganic binder-adopted casting binder jet, while T200 is well-suited for small-sized prototypes and lab-testing new materials. Full-color option is available on T Series jets.

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