We aspire to spearhead Manufacturing Innovations, while adopting and leading New Technologies

  • 2021

    Jun Designated as Global IP Star Company by KIPO
    05 1 SLM Patent Registered
    Received Grand Prize on Technological Excellence from MOTIE
    T-3 Certificate of Technical Achievement
    First Penguin Classification from KODIT (as a Promising Startup)
    Apr Equity Investment from KODIT
    Mar Freeforms M400 launched
    Jan Equity Investment from CNT Tech
  • 2020

    Dec Equity Investment from UCCEI
    Freeform P2000 beta-version completed
    Multi-Color jet printer launched
    1 PCT Application submitted
    Nov First Phase of In-situ Monitoring Research completed
    2 Binder Jet Patents Registered
    Oct Freeforms P1000 luanched
    Aug T-4 Certificate of Technical Achievement
    Jun 2 PCT Applications submitted
    Jan 4 Binder Jet Patents Registered
  • 2019

    Oct Freeforms T400 launched
    Aug Research Excellence Award from KIAT
    Certified as Venture Company
    In-situ Monitoring Co-Research grant (Fraunhofer) from KIAT
    Jul SFS Mini jet printer launched
    Jun SFS R&D Center opened
    Mar Binder Jet research grant from MOTIE
    Feb SFS Founded