Metal 3D Printer

Metal 3D printers have the following engineering advantages over conventional production methods.

  • Weight Reduction

    3D printers are well-equipped to produce metal parts with hollow inner cavities, therefore useful in producing parts that require constant weight reduction such as aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding parts and medical devices such as surgical implants.

  • Parts Consolidation

    By combining multiple parts into a single printed part, overall weight of the produced parts can be reduced while improving the mechanical strengths. By reducing the number of parts to assemble, manufacturing processes and costs are streamlined.

  • Batch Production

    Unlike the conventional mass production methods, 3D printer is a digital manufacturing equipment with the flexibility to produce different shapes and sizes each time the machine operates. It is ideal for small-scale batch production of individually customized products such as medical devices, personalized goods and mementos.

Freeforms M Series

M100, 400

Jointly developed with Fraunhofer Institute of Germany, SFS’ OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) module is the World’s first optical in-situ monitoring system for metal 3D printers, and only available on Freeforms M Series. When combined with the real-time compensation system currently being developed, OCT module will enable M Series printers to be defect-free, making them the best machines for time and precision sensitive parts such as surgical implants and aerospace parts.

In addition, SFS’ proprietary printing control technique improves the relative density of the printed green parts to over 98%; therefore, minimizing the post-processing requirements.

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